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Organic Lip Balm

You won't find any petroleum or toxic chemicals in this organic lip balm. Hurraw balms are rich in natural botanical oils of shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and sunflower oil and jojoba oil to soothe dry chapped lips. These hydrating oils blend together to provide the moisture our skin needs.

The skin on our lips do not have the sebaceous gland which is responsible for our body oil. Since those oils are absent, our lips tend to dry out faster and become chapped more easily.

The danger of using balms made out of petroleum products is that they tends to sit on the surface of your skin. If you use 2 tubes a month, by the end of your lifespan, you'll have eaten seven pounds of it. Consider this: If you wouldn't eat it, you probably shouldn't be putting it on your skin. Organic lip balm is a healthier option for your lips and your body!

Organic Lip Balm