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Organic Bar Soap

An organic bar soap starts with certified organic ingredients of nourishing botanical oils, herbs and essential oils. This soap moisturizes and is very gentle. Great for the whole family!

Many commercial bar soaps contain sodium tallowate which is the fat renderings from meat processing. Hormones, anti-biotics and other toxins are stored in this animal fat and then made into soap. Many soaps also contain sodium lauryl (laureth) sulfate which give soap its foaming qualities. This chemical has been shown to irritate the skin and eyes. It also harms the environment as it affects water quality and is dangerous to aquatic organisms.

You won't find any sodium tallowate, sodium lauryl sulfate or any other harmful ingredients here... only nourishing botanical oils, essential oils (pure plant oils), and healing herbs to gently clean and allow your skin to maintain natural moisture levels.

Gentle and healthy, this organic bar soap will pamper your skin.

Buy Any 3 Bars of Soap and Get 1 FREE! Just list what scent you would like for your free organic bar soap in the comments section at checkout! It will automatically be included in your order. Remember: Don't add the 4th bar to your shopping cart...just type it in the comments section on the checkout page.

Organic Bar Soap